I have been making music as long as I can remember...My parents are artists and musicians, so I had the benefit of growing up in a home that encouraged beauty, no matter how impractical financially. Jesus and piano were my first loves and hopefully they’ve stayed in that order through my life-journey so far. I’ve been wrestling my whole life with how to live fully and honestly (but inevitably imperfectly) for God. I’m grateful that I have music as a means of both process and expression.

My husband, Will, asked me to be his bride in August 1999 and we were married in 2000. We have two home-grown kids (Jude and Joella) and our 3rd (Jordan) was born in Ethiopia. Parenting and especially being an adoptive family has been so influential in how I understand God and how I’m learning to receive His love. Many songs have been birthed from the everyday-life joys and failures that our little clan experiences.

I’ve been part of the worship community of Vineyard Church of Columbus since 1997...starting out in Joshua House, a vibrant community of young adults, and eventually stumbling into more and more leadership in this dynamic, 9,000+ member church. We are now a church of many nations, many colors, and many preferences...but it has been a joy to see how Jesus continually makes us one. Leading worship for this constantly-evolving congregation has been my passion for almost half my life now!

Writing songs is something I just have to do. Getting the chance to record them isn’t a “have-to” but I do love getting the chance to capture the thought or feeling a song has by recording it. I’ve done 5 projects now (check out ‘the store’), and also had the privilege of collaborating on many more. 2010 brought a long awaited duo project with the amazing Sarah Higgins. We are hoping for more of that!

I count it as the highest privilege when a song of mine connects with someone else. It makes all the juggling and thinking and praying and struggling worth it to know that these songs find places with the people who might need them- even just for a day. I hope that you hear the Father’s heart in my music- affirming you, setting injustices right, forever dropping beauty into this world through each of us.

Thank you for listening (and please, sing along).